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Here's What Harry Hill, Kareem Rahma, Ariana Reines, and More Think You Should Gift the Adventurer in Your Life

What do you get for the person who is always on the go—or aspires to be? CULTURED polled our most adventurous friends to find the travel essentials and experiences that are worth your time and money, as well as those that enable you to feel transported without ever leaving the house. Because after several years spent keeping to ourselves, any kind of wanderlust is worth cultivating. For the fourth and final installment of CULTURED’s 2023 gift guide, here are the travel must-haves that our community is coveting right now.

Image courtesy of Twelve South.

Kareem Rahma
This comedian and artist, perhaps most well-known for hosting Subway Takes on TikTok, has the perfect gift for media-obsessed travelers.

"[AirFly] is my favorite travel object. It allows you to use whatever Bluetooth headphones you have to watch movies on the plane! Its an absolute game changer if you're like me and love to spend all eight hours flying catching up on movies."

Image courtesy of AMC.

Harry Hill
The podcaster and social media personality has an idea for a romantic holiday evening, or perhaps a girls' night out.

"Ever since I learned that Justin Bieber once rented out the Staples Center to screen Titanic with his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez, I’ve been tickled by the idea of a private movie theater moment. It’s low-key an option at AMC. $400 ($369 if you want to get specific) will get you a private screening of any movie that’s currently playing at select locations.

I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s high on my bucket list. It’s not the Staples Center, but it’ll do! It could also be a girls' night vibe, which would probably be even more fun than a romantic evening. I wonder if the package comes with popcorn made by Nicole Kidman herself…"

Image courtesy of MP5.

Adam Eli
The activist and author of The New Queer Conscience shares the most recent addition to his bookshelf.

"Earlier this month, the Italian artist MP5 released a book that charts, for the first time, work from the entirety of her career. She is perhaps best known for her mural works that have become symbols of Italy's feminist and queer movement. Pick it up at Libreria Tuba, an iconic transfeminist bookstore and cafe in Rome."

Image courtesy of Bellmond Management.

Nacho Polo
The founder of design gallery STUDIOTWENTYSEVEN will be giving the gift of a luxury experience this season.

“A journey on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express is the perfect gift to give or receive: a luxurious travel experience (preferably London to Venice) that takes you back in time to when the journey was as important as the destination.”

Image courtesy of Ra Ma Shop.

Ariana Reines
The poet and playwright is focused on a new type of travel this season, and has found accessories to reflect her interplanetary ambitions. 

"I want somebody to give me this faceted smoky tektite ring by Stone Age. Tektite is a rare glass formed by the impact of meteorites fallen to Earth. It's known to accelerate and facilitate communication with other worlds, and otherworldly intelligences, and it's also exquisitely beautiful. This holiday season I'm focused on off-world travel: interplanetary, interdimensional, astral. Attention Unknown Alien Intelligences—I'm in Nolita. Take me to your leader."

Image courtesy of Byredo.

Georgia Lundberg
CULTURED's director of marketing has a suggestion that adds a touch of luxury to any trip.

"You always want to gift something that you would enjoy receiving yourself—and this is just that. All Byredo products are clean, fresh, and luxurious. The Bal d’Afrique scent is a personal favorite, and this selection of three is perfect for travel."

Image courtesy of Rimowa.

Mara Veitch
CULTURED's executive editor nominates this carry-on as the ultimate travel must-have. 

“I’m a Rimowa diehard. The company has been around for 125 years, offers lifetime guarantees on all its products, and resists travel trends in favor of elegant but durable luggage that looks its age. This winter, the German brand released a new version of its signature aluminum cabin bag—this time finished in rich dark leather. It’s essential for all travels in 2024.”

Image courtesy of Shou Sugi Ban House.

Susana Simonpietri
The interior designer and founder of interior design studio Chango & Co. knows the best location for an overnight vacation.

“The Shou Sugi Ban House spa in the Hamptons is a great little overnight stay. We have made it a ritual to go at least once a year. The room is its own experience, but there is also an amazing natural food restaurant on site. They not only offer massages and spa treatments but also reiki and sound baths. It’s a great place to go to reset and just feel really good. Make sure you get the room with the hydro-tub!”

Camilla Marcus
The chef and founder of west~bourne, her regenerative provisions company, has one item on her gift list, and knows the best way to shop for it.

“A proper camera: Leica Q if you want a digital point and shoot, or a film camera like the Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom Film Camera. Pro tip: secondhand on eBay or buying a store model from a shop is the way to go. For me it’s a way to stay present, live in the small moments, and capture the fleeting light of a new place, while having something to savor when I come home.”

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