Hamptons Edition Wayfinding

Tour Athena Calderone's Favorite Hamptons Hot Spots This Summer

Athena Calderone at home in Amagansett. Photography by Phillip Paulus. 

Our lives in the Hamptons are serendipitous—a series of happenings that lead us on an unknown journey. Who could have predicted that, through designing my home out East, I would find my aesthetic voice and career as a designer? Or that the prevalence of local farmstands would change how I feed my family, become the inspiration for my platform EyeSwoon, and inspire my cookbook, Cook Beautiful?

Each discovery leads us to the next, forcing us to dig deeper. One of my favorite stories in CULTURED's first 2024 Hamptons issue, for which I served as guest interiors editor, begins with a discovery I made in my basement: a drop cloth signed by the Abstract Expressionist artist Willem de Kooning. That find led me to the home of my neighbor, artist Costantino Nivola, and the stunning Le Corbusier mural in his living room. Each of the stories in this issue also reflects an insatiable urge to uncover the untold, understand creative processes, and share the journeys of the talented people who make up the fabric of my Hamptons community. Here are a few of the places that complete that tapestry.

Image courtesy of Amber Waves.


Honestly, Amber Waves changed everything for me. It offered me an education not only on the importance of buying locally but also on connectivity to the land and to the farmers who have become dear friends—female farmers, I might add! Amber Waves is where I have my CSA and where I purchase everything from kale, arugula, fresh herbs, and organic potatoes to my favorite yogurt and even eggs and chickens.


What I love about gathering my produce here in Amagansett is not only how many farms are in close proximity, but how each farm offers its own specific, local delights. Selection is hyper-seasonal and they have the best curation of provisions in their refrigerator section, too.


When I’m curating anything, from a meal to a beautiful tablescape, or even designing a room, I look to nature first and foremost. I love for things to be elevated and sophisticated, but always approachable. E-E Home shares the same philosophy. I love browsing their unique selection of tabletop and homewares. I always leave with something in hand and feeling inspired.

Image courtesy of Carissa's the Bakery.


If the Calderone family is going out for breakfast, we’re headed to Carissa’s. They just get everything right. I can go on and on and on. Not to be missed for breakfast or lunch. Honestly, it's the best thing to come to the Hamptons in the past five years and it proves that we can have more thoughtful eateries on the East End!


Russ, the gallery's founder, has become an essential for art and ceramics as I put together my own home. He has an exceptional eye and knows every piece in his often jam-packed space. Do not underestimate what you can find if you have the patience to dig. I was hesitant to share this one, but you can thank me later.


If you do not want to leave the Springs but you want the perfect cuppa joe, then S&S is your go-to. Everything from their pastries to the selection of home items is thoughtful, handmade, and perfect for the community. If you don’t know, you won’t know, and that’s the best part about it!

Image courtesy of Il Buco Vita.


I have been coming to the homewares store and coffee shop Il Buco Vita since they opened in the heart of Amagansett a few years ago. Literally no better espresso or bombolini. I love that they support local artists and designers alongside a perfectly curated collection of antiques. And Il Buco al Mare is the best seafood-focused Italian that feels straight out of Italy. The prawns, whole fish, clams, and oysters are a few personal faves.


Honestly, the best property in all of the Hamptons. You are on an instant holiday the moment you see the Kuba cloth-clad walls, the twinkly lights, and the rolling green lawn that leads right into Lake Montauk at sunset. Pure summer heaven. There’s also perfect Mediterranean fare, from the mezze platter to the halibut and new kebab menu.


Okay, this is a gem at the side of the road. Hands down, the best zucchini bread you will ever eat in your life. They also make the best homemade pesto and ricotta. Local asparagus and fruits and pies, too!


I have to ask why this place is not franchised—the pies, the chicken fingers, the shrimp skewers, the prepared salads, guacamole, dips, and chips. Sure, you might need to take out a new mortgage to keep eating here, but somehow, you are okay with it because it’s that good. This gem can provide your household with everything you need for a weekend of entertaining without cooking.

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