Take a Cruise: Inside the Resort Shows That Defined This Season

Chanel chose Le Corbusier's La Cité Radieuse in Marseille for the site of the Resort 2025 runway. Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth and Chanel. ©F.L.C. / ADAGP, Paris, 2024.

Resort-wear calls to mind boozy beaches and breezy sarongs, but for fashion's inner circle, the season is no funny business. 

For the past month and a half, houses have crafted experiential shows around the world, their visions taking on the architectural and stylish essences of the chosen locales. It's fashion escapism at its finest. Whether in the South of France or a Scottish castle, CULTURED brings you inside the resort shows that were worth a trip this season. 


Destination: Marseille, France

Setting: Le Corbusier’s La Cité Radieuse

The Parisian house headed South for a pastel parade through Le Corbusier's evocative structure. Models wore swim separates in emerald and goldenrod, shades that matched the tiled wall of the late French architect’s “radiant city.” It was a tasteful nod from one French master, Chanel's then-Creative Director Virginie Viard, to another, one that maintained a sense of levity as models strutted in their tweed hot pants down the concrete. 


Destination: Perthshire, Scotland 

Setting: Drummond Castle 

Smartin’ in tartan, Maria Grazia Chiuri called in a cavalry of models for her punk-but-make-it-Victorian show. Chiuri tapped Scottish designer Samantha McCoach of Le Kilt to add her touch to the attitude-filled collection, an addition that helped tie the clothes to the locale and injected them with a shot of youth. Gathered patterned skirts balanced out chainmail-esque lace as bagpipes sent the models off.

Louis Vuitton

Destination: Barcelona, Spain 

Setting: Park Güell

The French house dove headfirst into Spanish flair by setting its resort show in this iconic Gaudí-designed locale. Sporting wide-brimmed hats of surreal proportions and reflective sunglasses, models channeled a journeywoman straddling tradition and timelessness. Nicolas Ghesquière imbued the garments with a Dune-esque color palette, evoking a desert crossing even further. 


Destination: London, England  

Setting: Tate Modern 

The Italian house may have its roots in Florence, but founder Guccio Gucci had the idea for the luxury juggernaut in London when he first worked at The Savoy Hotel as a porter. Sabato de Sarno brings that history to the forefront of his latest collection, this time setting the stylish traveler in the swinging ‘60s. Full of pussybows, oversized eyewear, and Ancora red, La Dolce Vita in London lends a bit of drama to the English sensibility. 

Max Mara

Destination: Venice, Italy 

Setting: Palazzo Ducale

What could be a better runway than a famous palazzo? Ian Griffiths’s tailored neutrals glided down the stone floor that appeared almost liquid in the fading sun. Models wore sumptuous robes tied with rope belts affixed with oversized tassels, as if they were still in hotel pajamas


Destination: Shanghai, China 

Setting: The Museum of Art Pudong

Demna’s signature cheeky style skewered airport wear with this latest collection. With either everything oversized or miniature, models walked in platform boots as large as cartoon horse hooves, some holding shoe boxes like their lives depended on it. The exaggerated silhouettes and sharp tailoring proved as eye-catching as ever, and the latest Under Armour collaboration debuted like it’s always been there.