Soak Test

There is no such thing as a formula for success but these legends from Hollywood to academia to contemporary art reveal there certainly are prerequisites. As Cultured celebrates our decade milestone, 15 barrier-breaking creatives meditate on their own measures of endurance for the magazine's Fall 2022 Living Legends and 10-year anniversary issue. 

Sandra Bernhard on Growing up in an Artistic Household and Not Getting Jaded

Sandra Bernhard is continuously evolving. The comedian, actress, singer, and author has graced the stages of Broadway, the silver and small screens, and the airwaves, cementing her status as an entertainment staple. Bernhard’s presence is constant and consistent, and she maintains the utility of “the ongoing evolution of being a complete person” is the secret to a long, fulfilling career.

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Carol Kane Discusses Courage and the Times She's Been Told to Quit

The actor has been charming Hollywood since the 1970s, when she received critical acclaim for her role as Gitl in 1975’s Hester Street. With a mountain of credits and accolades under her belt, Carol Kane has preserved the kindness and humility of her early performances in Annie Hall and The Princess Bride to her more recent appearances in Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and alongside Al Pacino in Amazon’s Hunters.

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