Pulled From Print Young Collectors 2024 Art

Introducing CULTURED's 2024 Young Collectors List


Art collecting is, above all, an act of faith. It requires faith in the vision of an individual artist, faith in the enduring value of living with art, and faith in the collector’s ability to preserve their acquisitions for posterity. The 10 individuals on CULTURED’s seventh annual Young Collectors list show us what comes after.

Whether they are the first in their family to collect or part of a long line of patrons, these art lovers are committed to supporting and growing alongside artists of their generation. They are pushing museums to offer a more expansive, engaging, and truer view of the art world—and pushing themselves to remain continuously open to new discoveries.

Jen Rubio, Aspen and New York
Abby Smidt, New York
Gwen Tilghman, New York
Noora Raj Brown, Los Angeles
Chelsea Mehra, New York and Washington, DC
Daniel English, New York and Arlington, VA
Andy Gao and Peter Wei, New York
Lacey Tisch, New York and the Hamptons
Samara Furlong, Detroit
Patrick Finnegan, New York