Quick Study Design

Introducing CULTURED's Design Editor-at-Large Colin King and His New Column, Quick Study

Portrait of Colin King by Ritchie Jo Espenilla. Image courtesy of King.

Dear CULTURED reader,

Years ago, I attended an intimate dinner at artist Jack Ceglic’s apartment in New York. In his home, the sensibility felt ultra minimalistic yet sublime, counterintuitive and complex, designed only for himself and pandering to no one. It opened my eyes to the singular art of arranging, and showed me how deeply personal and vibrant a home can—in fact, should—be. In my pursuit of this ideal, I have been fortunate enough to visit many homes and studios of incredible, creative talents whose spaces are their biographies, personal records of their lives.

With each such foray, I’ve gleaned intimate details into the perspectives of my hosts and developed my understanding of design as an art form for communication. Of course, like any creative person, my education is never complete—with each new project, my point of view and creative voice sharpens, evolving toward what I hope is a practice that prioritizes gathering, openness, and community.

I’m thrilled to bring this perspective to Quick Study, my new column with CULTURED, a publication that has so consistently and incisively forecasted and chronicled the changing realities of the design world. With this column, I plan to hold a mirror to the state of design and to designers themselves, asking them to reflect on the ways that our culture filters through their work.

There will also be conversations with artists, directors, musicians, and creatives of all stripes who spend time thinking about space and their role within it. In a sense, Quick Study feels a little like my own dinner party—a meeting of minds where new friendships are sparked, frank conversations unfold, and industry norms are examined and critiqued. As my revolving group of guests share glimpses into their lives and work, I hope that you will get to know me, your host, better too.

I’m immensely grateful to Sarah Harrelson and the team at CULTURED for this opportunity, and I hope you, dear reader, will also take a seat at my table and join the conversation. So please, settle in and make yourself at home.

With love, Colin x