Art of Living Well

Luxury Skiwear Entrepreneur Jane Gottschalk's Favorite Wellness Ritual Involves Nine Dogs and Two Pigs

Portrait by Harry Crowder. Image courtesy of Jane Gottschalk.

Jane Gottschalk is no stranger to compiling a wardrobe and wellness routine that can tackle the most frigid of seasons. As the co-founder and creative director of Perfect Moment, an aptly-named '80s-inspired skiwear brand, and co-founder of Jax Coco coconut water, the entrepreneur has honed the craft of bringing luxury travel touchpoints into daily life.

Her globe-trotting aesthetic reflects her upbringing: born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in India and England, Gottschalk now travels regularly from her home in London to spots like Aspen and Ibiza. With weeks more of winter and snow still on the slopes, CULTURED spoke to the frequent flyer about her tricks and tips for embedding luxury into a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Are there any Perfect Moment pieces that have made their way into your daily wardrobe?

I still wear knitwear samples from six to seven seasons ago from both the men’s and women’s collections. I add to these now and again from current seasons, but I love the original or "vintage" ones, as my kids now refer to them. My stable city piece is the Oversize Parka in black, and my favorite piece at the moment is the oversized Orelle down-filled jacket. It’s one of our newest shapes, and we’ve made one in a liquid metal style fabric. I wear it to the office on cold days in London as well as a men’s sample coat, which never made it to production.

What do people get wrong about skiwear? 

Skiwear is an investment and should last a lifetime. Don’t be tempted by cheaper alternatives disguising themselves as technical via marketing and social media. Buy or rent the best quality you can, or it will be a miserable experience. 

What products do you use every day that instantly improve your mood?

Nespresso, a good bronzer, and Biotherm Eau de Vitamin E. [It's] sunshine in a bottle.

What is a splurge you reserve for special occasions? 

Room service.

What do you do when you need to feel grounded?

Walk with or lie on the floor—or anywhere—with our nine dogs. It’s my therapy, and it works every day as chaotic as it can get at times. Add our two pigs, Elvis and Princess, to the mix and the day at the office can seem like a (good) dream.

What’s a generic that’s just as good as the original?


What’s your favorite small luxury to give to someone else?

We recently commissioned limited edition Moment Maker dog tag gold necklaces from London-based jewelry designer Sophie Lis. I gifted these to my girls, close girlfriends, and to a special group of Perfect Moment brand supporters we took on a ski trip to Aspen in December. They are personal and have meaning, and I love gifting them to those I feel are part of our journey as a symbol of community and connection—especially poignant in the current world we live in.

What’s a luxurious ritual you inherited from someone in your life? 

Catching the first lift up to ski down an untouched piste on a fresh powder day is a rare but luxurious ritual. More often, Sunday lunch with our five children, family, and friends. My mother was, and is, a huge advocate of bringing people together on regular occasions—Sunday lunch being an English tradition—with home-cooked food and hospitality.

What is your favorite luxury that costs less than $20? 

Finding a parking spot near the office.

What’s a wellness ritual you think is overrated?

I think any wellness ritual is overrated if you become beholden to it—and a marketer’s dream. I’m not great with routine or rituals in general, apart from a hot bubble bath at the end of a long week.

What advice would you give to a young female founder? 

Learn to read and understand a P&L. Margins are your best friend. Envisage a running track ahead of you lined with hurdles for as far as you see that get closer and higher. And, always listen to advice but trust your gut and stick to your DNA. There will always be plenty of people who will tell you how to do things differently or better.

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