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Hear Jeff Koons, Farah Atassi, Peter Halley, and More Unravel Pablo Picasso's Legacy

Last month, Almine Rech inaugurated "The Echo of Picasso" in its two spaces in New York. The gallery invited CULTURED to celebrate the show, presented in honor of the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s death, with an opening party hosted at the Tribeca outpost earlier this month.

The brand new downtown gallery was filled with guests including artists Jeff Koons and Farah Atassi; collectors Carla Shen, Michelle and Jason Rubell, Erin and Paul Pariser, and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso; jewelry designer Nina Runsdorf; and model and florist Audrey Hilfiger; along with a coterie of writers, curators, photographers, and more.

Now, some of the incredible artists from the exhibition are sharing their views on how Picasso inspired and continues to inspire their practices with exclusive interviews on site. Almine Rech took CULTURED back to Tribeca as well as to the Upper East Side gallery to take in the entire show and hear from Koons, Atassi, Peter Halley, and Rech herself.

"I believe that art is about freedom of expression, and this show demonstrates that Picasso's freedom from style and thematic restraints still influences contemporary artists to this day," says the gallerist. 

Directed by Jordan Taylor Fuller
Assistant Director Shawn McCarney Alviz
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We welcome you to experience "The Echo of Picasso" as well, on view through Dec. 16.