Collina Strada's Hillary Taymour Envisions a New Future for Fashion

Collina Strada founder Hillary Taymour

Imagine eavesdropping on conversations with some of today’s most interesting creatives: How did they get their start? What inspires them? What does the future look like through their eyes? Cultured’s podcast, Points of View, is just that. Each month, we bring you intimate interviews with creative leaders reflecting on their personal journeys and their visions for the future. 

Since Collina Strada launched in August 2009, it has taken the fashion industry by storm. On this month's episode of Points of View, podcast editor Sienna Fekete delves into founder Hillary Taymour’s journey as a creative and her goals for the cool-kid brand. In the lead-up to New York Fashion Week—and her show tomorrow—the American designer shares how she maintains silhouettes between collections, focusing instead on new prints and colors. “Don’t buy something from me every season... keep and covet what you do own and continue to wear it for years to come,” she explains of her mission to create a sustainable fashion brand. 

Taymour strives to pioneer change in the fashion industry through setting new standards and inspiring other brands to follow. “Collina is about being positive and showing love and light through a crazy dark world,” she says. “I’ll be the wacky aunt of the fashion industry in New York just to put a smile on someone’s face.” 

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